Tenant Needs – Jeremy Stevens -amp; Casey Everett

Jeremy Stevens & Casey EveretCasey has the best manager around who is always around to help out and fix whatever needs fixing. They spent lots of time together talking over coffee usually each time he came over coffee was brewing. A beautiful friendship was born but now Casey is moving on to bigger and better things but he is finding it hard to tell Jeremy about the move. He finally gets the courage up and invites Jeremy over one last time and he tells him the news which Jeremy fully understands. The two are somewhat bummed out but they are so comfortable together that they easily begin to kiss and explore their bodies, something they have never done until now. The intimate connection is shown finally as the two don’t stop pleasing each other’s bodies. They both have beautiful cocks that they suck and stroke and asses that deserve a good pounding. Jeremy takes the reigns and mounts Casey’s smooth college ass giving him what he has wanted for so long. Balls deep the kissing continues as they explore every corner of their bodies until they end up on the floor covered in cum.</br></br> Enjoy!

Toolbox 3 – Screwed – Eric Evans -amp; Wilhelm Dragon -amp; Sean Steele

One of the most stunning scenes in the film is Eric Evans taking his first fist. You have seen him top in several Chris Ward fisting flicks, but he has never tried to bottom before. After fisting Wilhelm Dragon in Toolbox Trilogy Volume 2 – Hammered, Eric decided he could not stand it any more! He had to see what bottoming for a fist was all about! We were quite pleased to help him make his dreamcum true, so we hired Wilhelm and Sean Steele to do the honors (actually, they paid us to have a chance at Eric’s perfect ass!!). Once these guys got started, there was never any doubt that Eric could do it (turns out he has been a secret size queen for decades!!!). In the most shocking performance of his 10-year-long career, Eric is thepicture of male sexuality as he takes an entire fist up his hole, laying on his back the whole time, showing off to you, the viewer. Eric is an exhibitionist, and what really got him off during this scene was knowing that he looked like a Colt muscle god laying there on a platform, doing the most extreme scene of his lifetime! As Chris Wardhimself said, ‘filming Eric Evans taking his first fist was one of the finest moments I have ever had as a director! This is Hot Shit!!!!’

Control Room – Dave Circus -amp; Luke Adams

Luke Adams has been resistant to getting fucked in the ass so his new dom-top boyfriend brings him to the Control Room for some hardcore bottom training. Supervisor Dave Circus hooks Adams up to one of the club’s notorious fuck machines, flicks a switch, and the relentless ass-pounding begins. A metal rod with a huge dildo secured on the end drills Luke’s hole incessantly, gradually picking up speed until the young stud nearly passes out from the non-stop butt-fucking. When Luke turns to beg his captor for mercy he discovers that Circus has been observing the entire ordeal stroking on his own fat uncut cock. Adams summons him over and takes Dave’s cock in his mouth, moaning at the pleasure of having both holes filled. Circus orders Luke off the fuck machine so he can take over. He shoves his cock in Adam’s pre-stretched hole and completes the training session by spraying his hot cum all over Luke’s big round ass.

Hard Drive Daddy – Ian Levine -amp; Hugh Hunter

Ian is a tech geek and he is on his last call of the day. It seems like a quick easy fix so why not top by and help this guy out before he calls it a day. Ian arrives at Hugh’s house and he is eager to have his computer fixed. While Ian is on the computer trying to figure out what’s wrong a web page pops up of a Gay porn website which embarrasses Hugh a little bit but Ian doesn’t care. Ian finds the problem and in a matter of minutes the computer is fixed and he is ready to head out the door. Hugh is right behind Ian as he follows him to the door. Ian opens it up and Hugh closes the door not letting Ian out. Hugh stares him down and tells him to get on his knees and start sucking his cock. Ian doesn’t know what to say or do at this point but he can feel his cock twitch and his heart beating faster as Hugh starts to unbutton his shirt. Ian feels the connection and just rolls with it. Hugh undresses him and starts to suck his cock which sends Ian over the edge and he drops his guard fully. Hugh dominates Ian at the door face fucking him and eating his ass out. Once they have had their fill of cock and ass Hugh takes him to another room and fucks him with his big dick. The boyish nerd look is what Hugh loves the most as he moans and grunts fucking his smooth tight ass. <br></br>Enjoy!

Construction Zone #03 – Joshua Adams -amp; Sean Harris

Sean Harris takes his turn fisting Joshua Adams in what will certainly go down as Josh’s best porn scene ever. Again the sling is the set. Joshua lets his hole relax, knowing that Sean is a fisting pro who will deliver only pleasure. His eyes roll back in his head as he takes fist after fist, until the energy builds to the point that the world becomes a blur… Just as in the previous scenes, Joshua’s huge, hard cock is almost as dominating as his ass! This is Prime Choice Perfect Porn.

Justice – Carlos Morales -amp; Kent North

Kent North and Carlos Morales, two of the biggest, greediest powerbottoms in the business, go deep for the Hardcore Director’s Cut Bonus Scene, screwing each other with some of the biggest toys in our production kits. Disc Two also contains our trademark cumshot and fuck compilations, XXX gallery, and a fascinating 15-minute look Behind The Scenes during the making of Justice. Grab your copy of Justice today – what would you do to get it?

Fist Pumpers – Dakota Wolfe -amp; Matt Stevens

Dakota Wolfe is bent over and ready to take an enduring anal stretching from muscle-man Matt Stevens. No loosening up is needed when Matt opens Dakota up with a wide dildo. Matt quickly switches from the dildo to inserting his entire bulky fist into Dakota’s hot, wet ass. Twisting and turning his fist inside Dakota, Matt works hard to push his fist farther inside, Dakota mutters ‘push it farther in.’ Switching positions Matt punches Dakota’s gaping hole turning his fist in circles. Matt removes his hefty fist and Dakota flaunts a perfect blooming rosebud. A pulsating asshole that Matt admires as a job well done.

Sneaker Lovers

Calling all sneaker lovers, this movie is for you! It features hot hunks, warm holes, hard cocks, and their biggest turn on, sneakers!!

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Calling all sneaker lovers, this movie is for you! It features hot hunks, warm holes, hard cocks, and their biggest turn on, sneakers!!

Stars: David Pontes Angel Hernando Turbo Macanao Raul Alex

Categories: Anal Safe Sex Gay International Euro Foot Fetish

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Men 1st

Cum on Coach – Brad Kalvo -amp; Kyle Kash

Kyle has always had a crush on his coach Brad back in high school. Kyle has some big balls and even tried hitting on him but his coach told him to come back when he was older and maybe something might happen. Well a few years passed and Kyle came back and met up with Coach and he wasted no time in letting Brad know that he still was interested. They both make out at his office for a bit and Brad gives him keys to his apartment and tells him to wait for him there. Hours pass and Coach finally shows up and they start to go at it immediately kissing. Kyle worships all the sexy muscles on Coach rubbing and kissing every inch of him and of course licking and sucking that fat cock of his. They both have been waiting years for this moment and Coach loves how tight this young bucks ass is and how great he feels while balls deep inside. The two intimately suck, lick and fuck their way to bliss with Coach ending up with all the cum splattered on him. </br></br> Enjoy!

Toolbox 2 – Bruce Jennings -amp; Montaz Morgan

Raging Stallion’s tattooed superstud Montaz (even his dick is tattooed) decides to take Hairy Muscle-Hunk Bruce Jennings up on a challenge. Bruce came to Raging Stallion and wanted to have his first fisting captured on film. We have done this before for other studios, but the results have always been kind of dull. Not this time! Bruce was so desperate to get fisted we all knew this would be a great performance, and we were not disappointed! Bruce, his huge 8 inch cock rigid throughout the scene, not only takes his first fist, but he takes it over and over again, looking more like a fisting pro than a newbie. This scene is very sexy and very sensual, and the opening few minutes are an excellent study in how to pop a virgin hole. We made Bruce’s dream cum true. You can see it in his eyes in what is one of Raging Stallion’s most captivating scenes.